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Larry Maupin

Thank you Ryan.  There are not any particular documents I had in mind; I was just wondering where all the links went to files, databases, polls, profiles of members, Jim's roster on the Purchasing Group's home page, etc.  Apparently we cannot create a new poll now, or at least I can't because I tried and got nowhere.

On the bright side, we can still post messages and work on projects together, which I think is what matters most.  If you know how to create a poll, perhaps you can explain the procedure so that everyone will know.

Thank you again for your gracious message.  I had so much fun listening to all those great soap opera episodes you sent me and writing reports on them that I feel empty now.  Such an opportunity may never come again.



From: "Ryan Ellett via Groups.Io"
Sent: Thursday March 26 2020 11:02:53AM
Subject: Re: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Links

I'll second Mike; Larry's listener reports have been very thorough and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has not gotten all the way through them yet. As far as your original question, Larry, we did manage to save all the files and documents that had been uploaded to the group at the old Yahoo Groups site. However, they have not been uploaded here at and I'm not actually sure how feasible that would be. A great number of those files were obsolete and not relevant anymore, though they do represent a history of sorts for this group, so I'm glad Paul Kornman was able to save them all. If there are particular documents you were looking for, we might be able to track it down.

Larry Maupin

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