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Thank you for doing this

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Last month I shared a collection of Saint movies (8) with the group. The response was somewhat overwhelming. My pCloud account was throttled due to "High Download Activity". I hope everyone finally got in, downloaded, and enjoyed all 8 movies. They are fun and easy to watch.

Last month I also said I would share my collection of Boston Blackie movies. There are 15 in the collection and like the Saint movies they are light hearted mysteries.  To try and prevent a similar overload to my pCloud account I will release the series in 3 groups of 5. Maybe 1 group each week over the next 3 weeks, depending on the response. Stay tuned.

NOTE: The first movie in the collection is a silent movie from 1927. The quality is poor and you may not want to download/watch it. The remaining 14 films star Chester Norris who also portrayed Blackie in the first year of the radio show.  (Radio show question: Who do you prefer as Blackie - Chester Norris or Richard Kollmar?)

Here is a link to the first 5 BB movies  - enjoy:

Trivia Question for BB fans: What was Boston Blackie's real name?

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