OTR Digest archive

Ryan Ellett

As mentioned elsewhere, there is an effort to collect and make an accessible archive of all the posts from the Old Time Radio Digest going back to its found, ca. 1997. Jim Widner, who some of you know from trading and selling programs for decades, is unofficially heading up the effort. I have been in contact with him about OTRR being open to hosting the "archive" in some form, as we try to preserve the history of the OTR hobby as well as OTR itself. That being said, I volunteered without having any of the requisite technical skills to turning such a vast amount of data into a usable source. I know we have some tech whizzes in this group; if any of you are interested in getting more information and starting to think about how this info could be saved long-term and sorted in such a way that hobbyists and historians could access and utilize it, we'd love to hear from you. 

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