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Joe Webb

I checked and there were indeed broadcasts -- it is not well documented, but it seems there was an attempt to run new productions. but i suspect they were re-runs

arch oboler was doing new productions under "arch oboler's plays" at the time

this was around the time that abc was working on theater five

it seems there was a lot of good intentions that did not come to fruition or have enough momentum to sustain themselves

On Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 2:16:16 PM EST, Larry Maupin <lmaupin@...> wrote:

Some members of our groups have demonstrated the ability to search radio broadcast logs that were printed in newspapers well back into the 20th Century.  I would like to know if anyone can find evidence that a series of episodes of Big Sister and/or Pepper Young's Family was aired during the year 1965.

A fellow collector has several episodes of each of these serials that he says are dated 1965, and it would be newsworthy if they were actually aired over one or more radio stations in that year.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide the answer to that question.

Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin


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