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I have 76 of the Pepper Young and about 40 of the Big Sister...


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Thank you very much Rick, Brian, Bob, Joe, Randy and John.  All of you are such able and accomplished researchers, and I am grateful that you have responded to my question with such a generous amount of detailed information.

I think that as many as 20-25 episodes of both Big Sister and Pepper Young's Family  from 1965 may now be available.  The most interesting question about them is whether they were newly scripted.  Joe states that he suspects they were re-runs, while Randy writes that the episodes released in 1965 were "newly-recorded, using new scripts with modern, up-to-date situations."  The newspaper article from which Bob quotes states that the 1965 episodes of both serials were being re-made and updated by Modern Drama.

This is important to me because I think that if the 1965 episodes differ substantially from those first aired, that is news that might be of interest to old-time radio enthusiasts, or at least the minority of us who have an affection for soap operas.  If they are different, I might write episode summaries, provide titles, and even submit an article somewhere on the 1965 shows.

Thanks again to all of our scholars who have responded!



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Hello Larry. I found a 1965 article stating that not only Big Sister was being remade, but also Pepper Young's Family. The article states, "The...programs are taped in new York by a firm out of Boston, 'Modern Drama.' John Scott MacLellan, who has 25 years' experience in radio drama, updated the old soaps and is syndicating them to radio stations around the country. Vivian Smolen, who plays 'Big Sister,' shed her first radio tears on 'Our Gal Sunday,.' She also played the part of 'Laurel' in 'Stella Dallas.' Arthur Hughes was 'Just Plain Bill' for a decade on radio. Now he will be 'Dr. Carvell' on 'Big Sister.' Among the newcomers to this old trade are Gillian Spencer, Julie Mannix and Peter Fernandez (he's 'Pepper Young')."

- The Miami News, August 15, 1965.

Larry Maupin

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