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If folks are interested in Paul Harvey, I think they’d do well to check out John Nesbitt’s work. He did much the same thing before Paul Harvey. He had a different style but he’s an awfully good storyteller.


If you go to the OTRR Library, you can find his work under “The Passing Parade.”  Which told little-known or surprising stories.


Also he did a segment as part of the Johnson’s Wax Program (1942) with Meredith Wilson’s Orchestra and was a featured part of the John Charles Thomas Program from 1943-46.


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Paul Harvey was my favorite commentator, he is as good today as he was the day of his broadcasts...I would love to listen to him again and again!!!

On 12/19/2020 8:27 AM, Jim Jones wrote:

The OTRR library has around 190 "Paul Harvey The Rest of the Story". I have 3,024 episodes. I have always enjoyed TROTS and listen to a couple of shows in the car when I only have a few minutes spare time. 

I will be glad to organize and upgrade if you think it worth while.




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