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I’d be interested in helping.


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Joe said it was okay to put out feelers. I have been slowly digitizing reels from the reel-to-reel collection we bought from Radio Archives. This is totally separate from the Joe Hehn collection that is being processed. For now I am generally labeling the shows with the info provided on the reel's box insert. Sometimes it has series, date, and show title, other times just a series name. Dates and such may or may not be accurate. I do not have time to listen to each program and verify the date and show title (if any).

Is anyone interested in helping with this task?

A reel has anywhere from 1 to 6 hours of material on it, 6 is the most common. I'd probably send the content of a reel or two at a time. All files for now are in .wav format. They have not been cleaned or edited yet. You need to have reliable internet; one reel is probably 1-2 GB. On vacation I'm getting through 2-3 reels per day. When I'm working, maybe 2-3 reels per week. Content is all over, from mysteries to dramas to comedies to gossip shows. Email me at OldRadioTimes@...


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