Re: Ted has a collection of the 1975 shows

Scott Galley

As to whether or not this can be considered OTR or OTR revival, with regard to 'The Little Things in Life', Peg Lynch seemed to be recycling scripts (or at least script ideas) from her earlier show, 'The Couple Next Door'. I have seen an episode of the television show for the 1950's that matched the 1975 revival almost word for word, if I remember correctly.

Everyone seems to have their own interpretation of what Old Time Radio is. I for one, have never cared for the acronym OTR. I've always thought it sounded a tad corny. Just me. No hate mail please. I prefer to call it Golden Age Radio, as opposed to Contemporary Radio. As such, in my database, anything American pre-1962 is Golden Age. After that it Contemporary. So the 'Little Things in Life' is just a great example of Contemporary Radio.

It's easier for British Radio. When the BBC changed their call sign ons and frequencies in 1967, that's the cut off point for me. So, when in September of 1967 the BBC Light Programme became BBC Radio 2, the Golden Age ended and the Contemporary Age began. At least, that's how I log it.

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