Re: OTRR Curated Collection #2

Larry Maupin

I hope everyone who receives this message will click on the link Paul has provided.  It will take you to the collection document he has formatted with a spreadsheet showing all 22 episodes in the set with dates, titles and brief summaries.  To listen to any one of them, just single click on the title and then on the "play" icon that comes up.  The program will begin immediately.   

Most of these are full length with music included, and quite a few even have commercials.  Thank you to all the members of this group who helped me find the correct final episodes and to get the facts as straight as possible.

If you have a comment after looking everything over, please post it.



From: "Paul Kornman via"
Sent: Saturday January 9 2021 5:45:15PM
Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] OTRR Curated Collection #2

Larry Maupin has put together the 2nd OTRR Curated Collection: "Final Episodes of Old-Time Radio Programs". Here's the link:

- Paul

Larry Maupin

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