Re: Visual Illustrations

Joe Webb

Don't mess with Getty Images

Go to their website and do a search for the images using the series name, then do another one with the actor's name, etc.

DO NOT post the images online -- give people the link to view the images on the Getty site but do not include the images in your site in any way unless you have paid the license fee.

I used to study the stock photography business when I was a consultant in the printing industry -- it's an amazing business -- but it has its dark side of staff lawyers on retainer who are relentless. When you publish something, you need to be certain that what you use is clear to do so. Getty only accepts apologies when a check of the amount they determined is enclosed.

That does not mean that you can't work with them beforehand. If you're doing something self-published and the images are critical, go around the online licensing and contact them to explain your project, and the number of copies you will print, and the purpose. They may make a package deal.


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