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I would like to see that too.  One big question is how do you find all the existing episodes of a series that are full length and of good sound quality?  The music and commercials are so important to me, and are part of the social and cultural history that makes old-time radio such a treasure.



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I would love to see an article about what it takes to certify an OTRR large series. I know some of it, but don’t know what the entire steps behind it are.


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I do think that one article on the four series that Walden mentioned as having six-month runs in 1975 could lead to others on the same subject by other writers.  David Oxford could probably write a book on CBS Radio Mystery Theater after he completes its recertification this year.  That is, David, if you are not too exhausted after finishing such a massive project.  Imagine what fun it would be for other members to contribute all sorts of material to such a book!

Martin Grams has already written a book on the CBSRMT so I don't know that there'd be a market for a second one, but an article on the ups and downs of certfying a series as huge as that would be interesting, no doubt. David is also working on Fibber McGee &. Molly and there may even be more episodes circulating for that series. Apparently he's a sucker for gigantic years-long projects!


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