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Ken, a discussion of these post-1962 dramatic radio programs has been taking place here for two or three months now.  I think we are at the point where our members are exploring their background and writing a few articles about their origin, content and possible value as social and cultural history.  The question of which programs embody the spirit of old-time radio is very important to this group, but might not even be a criterion for inclusion in another group.

If you are a writer, you might compose something on the Fantastic Four or one or more other series that aired after 1962 and post it right here.  If it is on the Fantastic Four, Ryan might even locate some records to help with your research! (just kidding there).  More likely, he might give it a mention or print some of it in Old Radio Times.

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The Fantastic Four radio series was 1975, which puts it in the middle of the 1975 revival. All the episodes are in circulation as .mp3; has several imcomplete sets of them.

National Lampoon Radio Hour was 1973-1974 which isn't exactly right, but you may want to count it as well.

Larry Maupin

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