Re: A memory of an early OTRR leader

B. J. Watkins

Always wondered what bk meant.

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I second all that.  I still miss Ben.  His questions, his logs, his hard work doing real research and of course his bk on filenames.


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It really is strange when you get a Facebook notice to wish a deceased person a happy birthday. But it is a reminder of that person, and in this case, someone who made a really big contribution to OTRR and the hobby, Ben Kibler. It is almost 6 years now that he passed away. He left a legacy of spreadsheets of newspaper research about many OTR series that had never been so documented. I used one that he had sent me just last week with dates, citations, actual titles, circulating titles, and first lines of dialogue. If you have files in your collection that have "[bk]" in their file names, that was how he designated that he had listened to and researched that recording. He taught this very OTR oldtimer, who had gone on somewhat of a 20 year hobby hiatus, how the new digital hobby worked and all of the new research tools that were available. There is not a day that goes by in these matters that I do not do something that was taught or recommended or use a software product by Ben. I am so pleased that we met and worked together and had many Skype sessions together. RIP Ben! OTRR still gets its work done because of the foundation you helped create!

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