MGM Theater of the Air -- new recordings from Hehn Collection -- and an opportunity

Joe Webb

Some marvelous MGM Theater of the Air from Hehn discs are now at including some new episodes. The sound is superb for this syndicated series; the discs were in excellent condition.

It would be good if a group began to compile this series for an eventual OTRR maintained set as these recordings make a fine foundation for such an effort.

It was syndicated, so dates are meaningless. My newspaper research showed a general haphazardness of many of the local broadcasts of this series, as is the case with most all syndicated programs. The biggest offense in dating syndicated programs is the Brian Mr DA episodes which have 1952-1953 dates for decades, when the program did not begin Ziv radio syndication until Fall 1954 because Ziv did not have the rights before that. Yet these dates persist in collections.

Therefore, use the and the listings as program order and content information, not dates.

This is a great opportunity to leverage the Hehn collection for OTRR members.

There are 21 flac files from the Hehn discs at the site of which 8 appear to be truly new to circulation compared to the otrsite log.


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