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John Nicholson

   Don't forget to mention there are no dues and the newsletter is free. If you haven't already noted, you might mention the Purchsesing Group is only $5 a month. You've probably got these covered; just thought I'd mention it. Thanks.
   John Nicholson

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 5:46 PM Larry Maupin <lmaupin@...> wrote:
Hi Mike.  I will just use Ryan's estimate of 262 as the number of current members.  In the piece, I am including a section on volunteer opportunities within the group and stating that new members are encouraged to become involved in group projects.  

No one has yet posted a message with a story about a particular project that he or she found exciting and that can be shared with prospective new members.  If any show up before noon tomorrow I will try to include all of them.  Otherwise I may just share my feelings upon first learning of this group's existence.  I thought it must have been formed just for people exactly like me, and I was right.  The  emotional experience was like that invoked by the final lines of Keats' "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer":

     Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
     When a new planet swims into his ken.
     Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
     He stared at the Pacific
     And all his men 
     Gazed at each other in a wild surmise..
     Silent, upon a peak in Darien.

Maybe I will look up that poem, correct any mistakes I made in quoting from memory, and submit it if no other members post anything on the topic by tomorrow. 



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Hi Larry, that 168 isn't true. I would go more with the number or readership of our own newsletter. 

The recent change to io from yahoo has skewed the numbers.

That being members versus others are way different to be sure.

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 7:57 AM, Larry Maupin
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Hello to all members.  The editor of an OTR newsletter asked me to submit an informational piece on the OTRR Group.  He accepted it, but requested that I expand it to include the following:

(1) When and how did the group originate?

(2) How many members are there at this time?  The most recent number I noticed was 168.

(3) Is there an interesting story about a particular series that has been preserved?

(4) What are some of the obstacles that the group has had to overcome?

(5) What interesting things were learned along the way?

I think his best question (and one that had not occurred to me) is the one about the history of a particular series.  The first one that came to mind for me is David Oxford's certification project on The CBS Radio Mystery Theater, but that is a post-1962 series, and it might be better to discuss one from the OTR era.  Does anyone have a really fascination story about how the group acquired rare or previously uncirculated episodes of a series and created a maintained set with them?  Or what is your most exciting story about being involved in a project with the group, especially as it pertains to one specific series?

Thank you!


Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin


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