Re: Must-have OTR book

Scott Galley

That's fascinating. I knew Autry could be extremely hard-nosed when it came to business matters. I wish Roy Rogers had been a little more ruthless in his dealings, then maybe more of his films would survive untruncated. That seems like a non-sequitur, but Autry's musical/film/radio legacy seems to be assured. Both his Columbia and Republic pictures, as well as his television show. Radio seems a little more spotty, although all of the DVD's that were released through Image Entertainment and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage contain an episode each from Autry's holdings. Roy Rogers output, on the other hand, seems to languish in public domain prints, with the exception of a few Trucolor films that Paramount restored and have been released on Blu-ray by Kino/Lorber. His radio output seems to have fared better, thankfully.

But I digress. Back to Radio Books.

Just purchased Jim Cox's book om Mr. Keen, which I haven't delved into in any great detail yet, but I love the show (anything that came out of the Hummert factory, in point of fact) so I look forward to it.

Also waiting for Martin Gram's book on Renfrew of the Mounted and his forthcoming volume on the Lone Ranger's early years.

Currently reading Edward Stouton's book "Auntie's War", about the BBC during wartime. The endpapers showing London's BBC Broadcasting House when it opened and what it looked like on VE day (from more or less the same camera angle) are a grim reminder of total war during this month, the 80th anniversary of the blitz.


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