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Ian Grieve

Just a quick word on lossless vs lossy.

Its not that mp3 is a bad format.  I use it as a listening format myself.

Those of us who collect transcriptions prefer 1st Generation because we feel we have a responsibility to record in the best format possible for preservation purposes.  Then we make a listening copy, usually mp3.

The reason we are so hard against the mp3s in circulation is because they were produced in the days of low encodes forced by file size for uploading to the internet and high cost of storage.  Trouble is, mp3 has a bad rep as a result.

Some people say they don't care, some can't tell the difference, but the responsibility to get it right is with the originator, not the listener.

If we rerelease in mp3, the difference in filesize will be the the only way to differentiate if a listing shows that when you are choosing a download.  If we release in flac, straight away you know this is a newer release and the quality should be better than a version uploaded 15 years ago.  This advantage gets lost when cheaters simply convert an mp3 to flac.  So it is important we all work together to protect the integrity of flac files while we replace the mistakes of the past.


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No argument there; Randy's work is top-notch. The thinking is that as more collectors are interested in lossless formats like flac and wav, offering programs in that format meets that need; but they are also easily turned into mp3 for those who prefer that format. We miss out on acquiring certain recordings because an increasing number of individuals with hard-to-get performances are hesitant or even not interested in trading or selling with OTRR because they don't want the shows distributed in mp3 format and only want flac/wav in return. We still get a lot of material in mp3 format (and it sounds good to my ears) and I don't expect that will stop any time soon.

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I'm of the opinion that Randy's superb sound is due to his encoding, not the  audio type or size of the final product.  I've downloaded 100's of  shows from his site (rand’s esoteric otr), and I consider them some of the best recordings available. I'm not suggesting the Frontier Town isn't worthwhile, but rather collectors should consider sound quality before they measure size.


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I can help with this. I have the all 47 episodes in 128 kbps mp3.



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We are working on a quick update to our 2009 release of Frontier Town. Originally released in mp3, we've acquired the original .wav files that these programs were recorded in from transcriptions by the esteemed Randy Riddle. As the hobby gradually migrates to lossless formats, we want to re-release this set with .flac files instead of .mp3. I need five volunteers who are willing to take about ten episodes and compare the first couple minutes of episode 1 in .mp3 to episode 1 in .flac to make sure our numbering and naming remains accurate. You do not need to listen to entire episodes (though you might; I found this series more enjoyable than I expected), just enough to compare that the new flac version of an episode is the same number and name of the previous mp3 episode. Many hands will make quick work of this task that would take one person quite a while, probably.

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