Re: Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Joe Webb

I have my iPhone 6s paired with a ReSound aid (I have just one). It is amazing technology. If anyone has thought of hearing aids but has put it off, the range of selection and the fine-tuning they can do to pinpoint exact hearing deficiencies and compensate for them is absolutely stunning. A long time ago, all these devices did was increase volume. In situations like my surgery-related loss, I have little bass sensation and loss of high frequencies in that ear. When you live with those problems for a while and then you get your hearing aid, the richness of the sounds around you is actually startling. I just sat outside for an hour and listened to the birds and life around me when I got home with it. You can save different equalization and volume levels for restaurants, church, theaters, home, and store them. They can all be saved and tied to your phone's GPS, and it will automatically detect your location and use the saved settings for that place. Streaming and listening to phone conversations are just marvelous.

And of course, a great way to OTR!


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