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Thanks, thanks for posting these. I found a few new programs, particularly the music. I did notice a few errors.


First, the Rogue’s Gallery episodes lead to a  broken link. I’m not certain if that’s an error or if those were already flagged as duplicate.


Second, regarding Christopher London, the one episode, “Price of Sugar” is an existing episode and the one “with James Gleason” isn’t Christopher London.


Third,  Box 13 had 52 episodes, they’re all in circulation and all the titles listed here are are familiar alternate titles of episodes.


Four, Dike Easter is commonly spelled Dyke Easter. It’s a circulating episode , but it doesn’t appear to be in the library.


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Regarding the March, 2021 OTRR Library additions, seven programs have been filed incorrectly.


They are listed under BOB HOPE - THE BOB HOPE SHOW


These seven are not Bob Hope shows.


They are actually from the series THE FORD V-8 REVUE, and feature Bob Crosby and His Orchestra.


The seven misfiled programs are:


First Tune Is It True What They Saw About Dixie


First Tune Its You I'm Talking About Baby


First Tune I've Got Plenty Of Nothing


First Tune Muskrat Ramble


First Tune Oh My Goodness


First Tune Therell Be Some Changes Made


First Tune Troubles And Trumpets



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