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The Nick Shurn Matter (December 19-23, 1955)


This story manages to balance being both a detective story and Christmas classic. Bob Bailey is great as Johnny managing to alternate between being the hard-nosed investigator and the type of guy who’s kind to old women and young girls alike. The last part of the fourth episode features some of the best sound design you’ll hear on any program and the finale has some of the best character work in the entire run of the series. This is a story that’s got something for everyone and can be listened to all year round, but is extra-special at Christmastime.


Adam Graham-Boise, Idaho


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Happy Saturday to everyone.


I will be editing the June issue of Radio Recall, the newsletter of the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club, and would like to invite every member of this group to send me a message telling me what your single favorite old-time radio episode is.


The message will need to include the following: (1) The title of the episode; (2) the name of the series to which it belongs; (3) the date that the episode was broadcast; (4) a paragraph describing why it is your favorite episode; (5) your name and (optional) the city and state in which you now reside.


A sample: "The Most Famous Man in the World" from The Mysterious Traveler (November 20, 1951) or (11/20/51) if you prefer.  Then the paragraph, then your name and residence information.  Don't worry about the italics: I will put them in if you don't.


I have room for about 12 of these in the June issue, so will publish the first 12 that are submitted and save the rest for the next issue.  If you submit one, I promise that it will be published as soon as possible and you will see your name in print as a contributor.


You can post the message here or send it to me personally at lmaupin@... if you prefer.




Larry Maupin


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