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Larry Maupin

Hi Pete,

Thank you for sending your address, which I have now added to the list.  I wrote an article entitled "The 1965 Revival of Old-Time Radio" which appeared in the January/February issue of Old Radio Times.  It has a lot of information about Big Sister, including some radio logs.  Sources for the article, including at least one newspaper account and a press release, indicate that the episodes of Big Sister and Pepper Young's Family were based on new scripts that had been updated and modernized to reflect changes in the social and cultural climate since 1960.

In listening to 12 episodes of each serial and taking notes for the article, I found that to be true and devoted part of the article to exploring those changes.  David is correct.  I obtained them from Ted Davenport of Radio Memories, who I believe digitized them from their original source.  He must have had good material to work with because the audio quality of most of them is almost perfect. 

That is interesting about the label scan, but I can't explain it except that some of our researchers posted messages that these episodes of Big Sister and Pepper Young's Family continued to be aired over some stations until 1969.  Because the Purchasing Group is a member of Ted's Buyer's Group it should have received at least the 12 episodes of each serial that I have and perhaps more.  Unfortunately the episodes have all been stripped of commercials and (I think) music, which makes them less valuable to a collector than if they had been preserved in their entirety.

I hope this information is useful to you, or at least interesting.



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Hi Larry,

You can place me in New Haven, CT.

On a different note, David sent me a set of new material for verification. It includes 9 episodes of Big Sister (#008 - #014), and David suggests that these were 1965 rebroadcasts. But there's nothing in the audio that substantiates that they are not from the original series.

I know that you were involved with this show, so I'm wondering if you can help.  Do you have a source that contains 1965 radio logs?  The dates on this 1965  label scan appear to show 3/20 and 3/21 of 1967 (a Monday & Tuesday).



On Monday, April 5, 2021, 08:56:15 AM EDT, Larry Maupin <lmaupin@...> wrote:

Greetings to everyone.  The following is a list of everyone who has sent in a favorite episode so far.  There are 15 favorite episodes, and that is enough for a really nice column in the June issue of Radio Recall.  I am posting the list for three reasons.  One is that if you have submitted a favorite episode to me and your name is not on the list, please send it again and I will include it in the column.  The second is that I am placing an asterisk before the name of each person who has not given me his or her city and state of current residence so that you can send that information if you want it to be included with your name as a contributor to the June issue.  The third is that I would like to encourage other members to send me a description of their favorite episodes because your submissions are a lot of fun for everyone else to read and they will appear soon in one OTR newsletter or another.

Here is the list:

* Robert Horton, Kentucky
John Enrietto of Gurney, Illinois
Brian West of West Hartford, Connecticut
* Scott Mahan
Adam Graham of Boise, Idaho
* Pete Cavallo
* Michael Hingson
Evan West of Nashville, Tennessee
* Scott Galley
*Walden Hughes
* Joe Webb
* Jay in Kentucky 

Please note that your address is not a requirement, but I do think that readers are always interested in knowing where contributors live.

Thank you all for your participation.


Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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