Re: Download from the OTRR Library

Douglas Stivers

I went to the old site and played one, as it was playing I clicked on the three dots to the side and the download option came up and it did work.

On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 6:40 AM Jim Jones <otr@...> wrote:
It is more than a glitch. It is a mystery!! And ILAM!! (I couldn't resist.)

On the NEW site, when you switch between the CHART view and the LIST view the following files disappear. 

They play, but don't download. 
The shows are dated 1939. However, the 1st 15 are actually Mutual broadcasts from 1949. The last 5 are from a 1996 recreation.

These shows are on the OLD web page, but with different titles and harder to find.

Also, IF ANYONE HAS "THE FEAR THAT CREPT (CREEPS) LIKE A CAT" EPISODES 16-20 WITH MUTUAL INTROS OR ENDINGS. starring J - Michael Raffetto, D - Barton Yarborough, R - Walter Paterson (not Jack - Les Tremayne, Doc Long-Tony Clay), that would be a great find and complete this series.


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