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I will put you in touch with Johnny Holmes.  He is a major classic TV show collector,






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I am an avid collector of old TV shows and cartoons from many years. I would love to be able to exchange and share with anybody else who appreciates them for the nostalgic sake.  


Please feel free to contact me.  If anyone here is familiar with AirDC I am a long time sharer there too.  All of my files are available as well.  I can offer an invite to any interested parties to join.



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Now, while this doesn't affect OTR directly, I would venture to say that quite a few of us have also ventured into Classic TV/Movies as well and this could affect that (I for one like the old classic animations having been raised during the 2nd Disney Animation Renaissance and having done animated shorts and sprites for 2D games, I do have a soft spot for those older animations).  Apparently this is becoming a thing now.  I can easily see this being used for other "edits" as well, but I digress.  I can imagine Rosebud being a password for an iPad.

I've always been one of those that didn't really care for ads during listening as for some it took me out of the story, but there have been some ads that actually did help, but for the most part, I wasn't an ad person for just binges of listening, now for preservation that was something else entirely.  If they do this to the often watched classic movies, this would definitely ruin being sucked into the story (and if that's if they just stop with rotating ads).

Like I said, I don't think this will be an issue as much for OTR for a few reasons, but I can easily see that preservation of the classic tv/movie shows to maintain the original feel that those creators wanted (and yes, they did have some product placement back then, but it's something else to insert placement for products that did exist for decades later).  As much as I like tech, it's sad to see things like this going on.  No respect for the past at all.


Evan West

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