Which is Better Radio Version or Movie Version or Maybe Both?

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The oscars having just happened and my thinking directly about Academy Award Theatre (then Lux), I have to wonder what every one thinks about the radio show versions of movies?

Sure, there are time differences that affect amount of action versus quick exposition (or total removal), and then everyone imagines the scenes differently versus whats on screen.

But in general, good or bad to have radio adaptations? Do the make the grade in still delivering the story considering the given constraints?

For instance, I am a huge fan of the movies of Red River and Maltese Falcon.  I enjoyed both Lux and AAT version of the respective movies.  Both for the most part had the same principle performers (which is really a plus in my mind), but I enjoyed Lux a little bit more.  I'm not sure if it's just due to the longer time format versus AAT or maybe the production was just better or both?

What are y'all thoughts on this?  Makes no never mind, better to have one over the other (I'm sure the preference of one over the other may affect this as well) or can they both be treated separately and thus be enjoyed (I have to wonder if it's the last bit, does it help or hurt to have the original performers in this regard?).

I was just wanting to get y'alls thoughts on it.

I do definitely prefer when they are designed for the respective medium.  I do have a set of R/B SH movies with just audio and that is nowhere near the same.  So I do think that to do it right, they have to be produced for the respective media, not made in one and shoehorned to fit into another.  But knowing/liking one version over the other, does that ruin your enjoyment of the other?  Either your visual doesn't line up with theirs (or maybe if going from movie to audio, was your vision corrupted by theirs?) or too much is edited out etc.


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