Re: Sky Pilot

Hi Joe"

In the 90's we were able to get a California Station where we lived at that time and I remember them playing that occasionally. They only played a couple a couple programs every Saturday night and they rotated what they played so there were not of a lot repeat programs. I don't know if they played them at other times because we were only able to get them at night on Saturday.
I don't know if this helps you any but that was the program that got my son hooked on OTR.


Hello Researchers,

Has anyone heard of a program called Sky Pilot? It appears to have
been a local creation of KPRC radio, in Houston, in the '40s, back
when it was an NBC affiliate. I've seen the transcriptions, glass
based and laminate all over the container for many of the discs.
Nothing turned up online and no one at the library had any info.
Just thought someone might have heard of it. I haven't looked in the
local newspapers of the era.
Joe Salerno

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