Re: The Sealed Book

I can't understand why people want to take out the commercials out of the OTR shows because I consider them part of the shows. I know that I don't agree with some of the shows but that it what they were when the shows were first played.

One of the great things about OTR is rediscovering an old show. Since
there are so many shows to listen to, it is easy to file away and
forget an old favorite. When you do pull up that old forgotten file,
it is like meeting an old friend on the street. Pleasant memories of
past events come to mind.
This is the experience I had when, this week, I came across The Sealed
Book. I have not listened to that series in probably 15-20 years, but
when I started the series some old and pleasant memories came to mind.
For those who have not listened to The Sealed Book, it is a
well-written suspense show. Many of the episodes have surprise endings
much like The Whistler. Some may not like the over dramatic announcer,
but he grows on you.
The major downside of the existing shows are the LOOOONNNGGG
interludes of organ music. Organ music is inserted where commercials
are intended to be. These 4 commercial breaks contain over 5 minutes
of really bad organ music (noise).
However, I have fixed that problem by removing these unnecessary organ
interludes. There is still plenty of organ music as the show uses it
for background and emphasis, similar to Boston Blackie. I have posted
these updated (and much more listenable) shows to the cloud if anyone
would like them. The link is:
I hope everyone finds these shows more enjoyable without the long and
tedious breaks in the story line.

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