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Jim Jones

Did a quick check of Sky Pilot. There are a lot of articles about a popular evangelist during the 1940's known as "Sky Pilot".
Here is a clipping from the Amarillo Daily News dated 44.06.21.
Amarillo-Daily-News-Jun 21, 1944-p-11
I do not know it this is the show you are looking for or not.
Given the time slot it might be a morning devotional.

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Hello Researchers,
Has anyone heard of a program called Sky Pilot? It appears to have been
a local creation of KPRC radio, in Houston, in the '40s, back when it
was an NBC affiliate. I've seen the transcriptions, glass based and
laminate all over the container for many of the discs.
Nothing turned up online and no one at the library had any info.
Just thought someone might have heard of it. I haven't looked in the
local newspapers of the era.
Joe Salerno

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