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Larry Gassman

If you do mention Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, then do not omit Suspense which ended its radio broadcast on the same day.




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Bill Clough

On 1/7/2021 12:59 PM, Larry Maupin wrote:

A number of fellow researchers have contributed important background information for the article I intend to submit to Ryan which will be entitled :"The 1965 Revival of Old-Time Radio."  I have started composing the first draft, and would like to ask the following questions of our sterling group of scholars, several of whom will be given credit in the body of the article:


1. Is it now the general consensus that the final year of old-time radio was 1962, not 1960?  If so, do you think any other series except Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar should be mentioned as having broadcast their final episode in 1962?


2. Does anyone know where radio station KEZU was located?


3. Brian Kavanaugh writes that there were radio stations in Glen Falls, New York and Rapid City, South Dakota that aired Big Sister and Pepper Young's Family in 1965.  I would like to know from Brian or anyone else the call letters of those stations.


4. I do not see in my notes the name and call letters and log of the radio station that aired the two soap operas during the evening.  Will the person who contributed that fact please resend it, including the time that each program was aired (I think it was 8:30 and 8:45)?


5. If anyone can locate newspaper logs that show broadcast times of the other old-time radio programs that were part of the 1965 revival (The Fat Man, Dear Dorothea Dix and Hollywood Talking) I would like to include those in the article.


I do think that the logs several members have contributed will make great visuals in the article.  Thanks again to Ryan Ellett, Randy Watts, Bob Pederson, Jim Jones, Joe Webb, Rick Davenport and others who have contributed such a wealth of material to be incorporated into the article.


If you have an answer to any of the above questions, just post it here or send it to me personally if you would prefer.



Larry Maupin

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