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These old-time religious programs have not been very popular through the history of the hobby but I suspect it's really a wide-open field for an aspiring researcher to make a big contribution to the field. I can't imagine how many  runs of records and scripts from these old programs are hidden and forgotten in denomination and ministry libraries and individual attics and basements. I attend a Mennonite church and discovered a radio program (I think a drama) done by a Mennonite committee from the late 1940s-early 1950s if I remember correctly. I haven't looked for audio but I know the scripts survive in a denominational building in central Kansas. It's been on my radar for ten years or so to go look at them. 

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So the recordings were made for what purpose? possibly for replay at a different time of the day?

joe salerno

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Yes, 'Sky Pilot' on KPRC in Houston was a religious program featuring morning devotions, poetry and organ music.  It was presented by Charles C. Hard of Radio Religious Activities, Inc.  The 15-minute program debuted sometime around 1933 and aired daily for at least 20 years.  Charles C. Hard died in 1961.
The Amarillo 'Sky Pilot' on KGNC was another religious program, and was hosted by a Rev. H. A. Somerville.  I do not believe he was associated with Charles C. Hard or Radio Religious Activities, Inc.

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