March/April Issue of OLD RADIO TIMES

Larry Maupin

I would like to congratulate our beloved leader Ryan Ellett on another masterpiece of editing.  The latest issue of ORT is very enjoyable and contains some beautiful visual illustrations.

Several of our group members who contributed to my article on the 1975-76 revival of dramatic radio are mentioned by name, and as always I am grateful for the generosity of such outstanding researchers as Pete Cavallo, Dr. Joe Webb, Brian Kavanaugh and Kent Schroder.

The article by Martin Grams entitled "Margot Lane: A Character Study" is really good, and makes me want to listen again to all the episodes of The Shadow that he mentions in it.  He places special emphasis on the relationship between Margot and Lamont Cranston, and raises a number of questions about their relationship.  Was she just his "Girl Friday" or a friend, or a sweetheart?  Did they have sex? (Okay, Martin doesn't bring that up, but what fan of the program can help wondering about it?).  There is also a stunningly beautiful full color visual illustration that enhances the appearance of the article.

In "Fugue in C Minor" Denise Noe demonstrates what can be achieved by writing an entire article on one episode, in this case of Suspense.  It is very well written and is supported by abundant research.


Larry Maupin

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