Re: The Whistler

Joe Webb

Most of the ones that have been "discovered" are from the USAFE recordings that were home recordings done by a service person or a family member while assigned for the military or civilian support in Europe. These are the 32 USAFE Whistler episodes in the collection... and it includes some missing episodes or versions. My sense is many of these fell out of circulation because the sound was so bad at that time. This is a list of the "new" ones.

Whistler 540711 Out of the Past USAFE home mic rec VLQ.flac
Whistler 540912 Landslide USAFE.flac
Whistler 550303 Alibi USAFE.flac
Whistler 550317 A Matter of Odds USAFE.flac
Whistler 550407 Search for an Unknown USAFE.flac
Whistler 550519 A Case for Mr Carrington USAFE.flac NEW VERSION
Whistler 550623 The Cliffs of Wayrum USAFE.flac
Whistler 550908 Design for Murder USAFE.flac NEW VERSION

The copy of this episode was incomplete, so I had to grab part of it from a file I had to restore this new recording. It exists only as a processed file.
Whistler 550825 Little Red Book USAFE (closing restored)

"NEW VERSION" means that an AFRS or a network version has been in circulation.

Because these were earlier generations of the home recordings, problems with electric hum, tape hiss, self-inflicted poor recording techniques, and others, had not compounded over time. In this way, the audio processing software that we have today was able to clean them up and provide a much better listening experience.

These USAFE files are at which provides further background on the 32 recordings.

There are another 16 episodes that are general sound upgrades from earlier in the series, including a little-circulated episode rehearsal.


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