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I agree with Ryan here that building this slowly is the right move.  That avoids burnout or loss of interest and allows for assessing the interest over time in more.


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Larry, thanks for your thoughts.

As far as the recently released Maintained sets, here is what we put out last year (2020):


Counterspy v. 2001

The Clyde Beatty Show v. 2001

Rocky Fortune v. 2001

The Weird Circle v. 2004

Broadway’s My Beat v. 2004

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe v. 2005

The Danny Kaye Show v. 2006

My Friend Irma v. 2006

Firefighters v. 2007

Jeff Regan, Investigator v. 2007

Life with Luigi v. 2008

Tales of the Texas Rangers v. 2009

Mr. District Attorney v. 2010

Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons v. 2010

Hopalong Cassidy v. 2011

Family Doctor v. 2012



I believe they are all available on our page courtesy of Dave Tysver. Brian Kavenaugh posts a link to a Dropbox when they are initially released. We've only had two sets this year, The Anderson Family and then just a couple days ago an update to The Danny Kaye Show. The links are also posted in the distro group page.


As to the idea of something like a monthly meeting like the real OTR clubs have, I like it but it's a matter of finding volunteers willing to help put a program together every month. I can't take that on. My thinking is that maybe doing some more online activities like low-key meet-ups and some Maintained Series premiers may build interest in a more robust series of video conferencing events. 





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Ryan, your message raises a couple of thoughts of my own.  First, I have been back with the group for about a year and a half and do not remember Brian or anyone else making a link available to any new Maintained sets.  Could it be that no new Maintained sets have been released since 2019 or earlier?


Also, I think your idea about a group meeting, probably on Zoom, when a new Maintained set does become available is a very good one.  I would like to see an hour-long presentation by David or one or more of his team members when the CBSRMT Maintained set is ready for release, which I think is supposed to be very soon.  The best part would be if excerpts were played from some of the best episodes.  There could even be a quiz allowing participants to try to identify each episode as an excerpt from it is played.  The MWOTRC monthly meetings all have a quiz, and they are so much fun!  Some of the CBSRMT shows are so familiar that most fans of the series could probably identify the episode title correctly if given a hint or two.




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