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Ryan Ellett

This sounds a lot like our OTRRPedia, unless I'm misunderstanding what this spreadsheet would be.

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Do we have some sort of a maintain spreadsheet of information on all the shows we have maintained or shows in general? I have a pretty expensive spreadsheet I have built over the years that can easily be expanded with more topic information and columns about shows. There was a way to share the spreadsheet so people can come in and add information and edit existing information if they were invited to do so by a login of some sort.Would this interest anybody?

RickWould this interest anybody?

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Yes, I think this would work, although I believe meeting and exchanging ideas should be explored as perhaps a quarterly occurrence and should be pursued no matter what the reason.

A new released radio series is a good reason as well.

Perhaps at some point structure should also be explored so that maybe topics about OTRR could be part of the meeting which may also result in new volunteers for OTRR tasks.




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Building off the interest expressed for some more virtual meet-ups in the future, would there be much interest in any sort of a live virtual "release party" when we make a new Maintained set available. I'm thinking like a short 10-15 minute presentation about the series and the contents of the set and then a group listen to a representative episode from the series. Again, nothing too formal, but a little more than the usual release procedure which is basically Brian Kavanaugh making the link available to the group. Maybe it would be more trouble than it's worth, but I could see it being a bit of fun and a way to maybe spark interest in some of the series. Then, at the end of the presentation we'd make the link available to attendees before posting it, as usual, to the page.
Just a thought,

Larry Maupin

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