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Scott Mahan

Do you have #33 Tom Swift and the Galaxy Ghosts? Can’t have a complete set without that. J


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Gordon. Rob C. And I can relate to the Tom Swift books although my collection only has the Tom Swift Jr. Ones rather than the original from the early 1900s. Ken Holt. Hardy Boys and Rick Grant series were also golden


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Hello Mike.  I don't think the note is too long!  I did not know that Robert Arthur wrote The Shadow, but I remember listening to it on Sunday afternoons with my mother when I was five years old.  That is one of my earliest memories of anything, perhaps because I found the music and the opening lines so thrilling that they made an indelible impression on me.  It's still fun to listen to it in the dark sometimes.




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Okay. I am enjoying the testimonials here so I couldn’t resist jumping back in. I am Mike aged 53 from Medford Oregon. And a soCal transplant. Back in about 2002 or so I began recollecting some old kids books I enjoyed as a kid. My favorite series was called Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators which was the brainchild of multitalented and well known pulp fiction writer Robert Arthur . In my quest for collaborration I stumbled on yahoo groups and met some wonderful folks. In one of those groups a fellow 3I fan was also an otr fan. At any rate three of us from that group met in Buena Park at a Dennys to share antique children book stories and Rob gave me a cdrom with a variety of Shadow, Mysterious Traveler etc shows in mp3 format.   I never knew knew this stuff existed and was immediately hooked.  I then turned my new found hobby in a research project on Robert Arthur who wrote the Mysterious Traveler along with David Kogan.This research was mainly for the Three Investigators Book group at that time. I met many otr writers and researchers back then  and wrote letters to J David Golden, Dave Seigel and many others including Martin G. Anyway, I became an instant fan of anything Robert Arthur Did including The Shadow, Nick Carter, Suspense, Strange Dr, Weird, Murder By Experts etc. Boy was mp3 a good thing or what?  Soon after I found many otr groups on yahoogroups. At that time everyone was doing the snail mail distros and my collection built up fast. I started writing for the Old radio Times here and there at its beginning.

I want to contribute to a hobby that preserves this wonderful past.


Sorry for the long note!


Larry Maupin

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