Re: Chuck Shadden's Hall Closet

Brian Allen

Scott, If you are willing to pay for them, I found this site that has a large collection of them.

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, 07:23:43 AM EDT, Scott Galley via <scottgalley@...> wrote:

Hello all.

By way of a little preamble: for years now, during the summer, whenever my wife and I have to leave at some ungodly hour to go on a long road trip, we listen to an episode of Chuck Shadden's Hall Closet. It's become a bit of a tradition with us. Three hours pleasure. Sadly, this year we have quite a few unexpected (and unpleasantly necessary) road trips coming, but are down to our last, unlistened episode.

So, my call out is this: Are their anymore floating around out there? If so, can we set up a Dropbox or some such thing for them? Here's a list of the episodes I have:

The Hall Closet 1973-04-19 (192-44).mp3
The Hall Closet 1973-04-27 (192-44).mp3
The Hall Closet 1973-04-30 (192-44).mp3
The Hall Closet 1973-05-16 (192-44).mp3
The Hall Closet 1973-06-12 (192-44).mp3
The Hall Closet 1973-07-13 (192-44).mp3
The Hall Closet 1973-07-16 (192-44).mp3
The Hall Closet 1973-08-17 (192-44).mp3

Any help would be appreciated. Could make certain aspects of this summer a little more tolerable.

All the best;

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