Re: Doug hit the number



So you have Doug's email address?


On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 07:30:23 AM EDT, Joe Webb via <drjoewebb@...> wrote:

Oh gosh that reminds me of the old old old joke
"I spent 90% of the money on booze and women... the rest I wasted"

Doug explained in one of his notes of the past few days that a stylus for the transcriptions costs $250 in some cases, and he can get only so many hours of playing out of them. He has been an extraordinarily generous person all these years, absorbing costs for equipment and supplies and never saying a word or griping about it. This is still massive commitment beyond the costs of the discs. And supporting the project even though its goal has been met can be done confidently that the funds will be used judiciously and appropriately.


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