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Scott Mahan

Good to have you back. Eye surgery sucks. But, then, after that ... it's so much better!

I have had cataract surgery, and it is indeed a miracle.

And I have the Alcon AcrySof IQ ReSTOR Multifocal IOL lenses, which are a miracle into themselves.

But I've also had laser staples for a retinal tear. Which, from engineering school, I know is a stupid medical term because it's not a tear it's a delamination.

The Ophthalmologist thought it was funny when I called him on that. But he also seemed to have an awful lot of fun operating that laser staple machine gun.

But that was another sort of miracle in that it just got over and I wasn’t blind. Dr. Witherspoon is a great guy.

Then my wife had to have Macular Hole Surgery, which involves a Vitrectomy after which you must be face-down for a week.

That was a most awful ordeal.

But we have survived all of the above, see reasonable well, and are really glad to welcome Jackie to the “Optically Abused Survivors Club”.

And, of course, back to the OTRR mainstream.



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I know I have not been very active this past 1 1/2 month and I do apologize but I had really bad cataracts and I was going blind.  In this past 1 1/2 month I had both eyes worked on and now my visions is wonderful.  I will still have to have one more appointment and that should be the last one.  I should have my new glasses ordered then and everything should be perfect.


It is good to be back.




Jackie Schlageter





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