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Richard Davenport

With all this surgery and new glasses you are really going to create a spectacle.  I remember when I had it done and it amazing at the lack of squinting I had to do.  No more, hold on a second while I put on my glasses.


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On Monday, June 28, 2021, 7:34:00 AM CDT, Ryan Ellett via <oldradiotimes@...> wrote:

Good news, Jackie! Welcome back.

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I know I have not been very active this past 1 1/2 month and I do
apologize but I had really bad cataracts and I was going blind.  In this
past 1 1/2 month I had both eyes worked on and now my visions is
wonderful.  I will still have to have one more appointment and that
should be the last one.  I should have my new glasses ordered then and
everything should be perfect.

It is good to be back.


Jackie Schlageter

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