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I would be very surprised if that didn't happen.  Audacity has already been forked about 1500 times over its lifespan.  As popular as it is, I would imagine at least one of those forks making it.

I just thought I would mention it as I knew a few people used it and ever since it was bought, the first, and so far only, meaningful change has been telemetry.  Ironically due to that, the also have to limit the age of the users that use the software,  as some jurisdictions have age limits and data collection and who is able to give consent.  Which tends to go against FOSS licenses, but this is coming from a nonlawyer, so take that for what it is worth.

This is the example of one of the many good things about open source.  Imagine if this happened with Audition or SoundBooth(and I was a fan of both), fat chance of being able to do anything with those except lump it or move on to a totally different software that may have the same issue.


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On 2021-07-06 06:31 AM, Joe Webb via wrote:

Thanks very much for the heads up!
I use Audacity constantly
Perhaps this project will be like when OpenOffice branched into OO and LibreOffice... the latter of which has been more independent and better run


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