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I can certainly understand that.  There are times that even simple microphone input has been a little bit quirky, frustrating in other words.  I have to wonder if it was related to a distro that I was on though as well.  Also partly why when all the telemetry kerfuffle started to happen, I just wrapped FFMPEG with a Godot GUI (I also did this with FFPlay (a simple player that is also a part of FFMPEG) to handle OTR stream stations that I like) to make it easier to use FFMPEG for when I am just needing simple recordings.  I may go back and make it as much of a DAW as I can later on as well, I dunno.  Just depends on if I am able to muddle through things.  For those that are doing audio/video, FFMPEG is a good library of audio/video tools to have.  Only bad thing for most is that it is a CLI set of tools, why I wrapped it up in a GUI, to help hide having to type out all those commands every time that I needed to do so.

The clear favorite it looks like for an alternative that most of the people that I hear from appears to be this one here.  Right now, they do not have any pre-built binaries available, but that is on their roadmap.  More then likely (but I am speculating), they are wanting to get rid of all of the telemetry bits first, before having any release.  That may be one to bookmark (or setup to watch if have a Github account) and see how that fairs down the line.  Still able to use any older version of Audacity that "you" may have, but I do believe any future release now will have that telemetry.


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Ive been using Goldwave for many years. Audacity and i never ever got along

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