Re: Need help reconnecting to DC++ hubs (OTRHub and Phils Place)

Philip Atchley

Hi Tim,

OK, contact Yvonne (Birdlady) on PhilsPlace to get on the DooDropInn.  She's very nice.

To get on Oldtymeradioman, just contact "Oldtymeradioman" on either the OTR Hub or PhilsPlace.

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Specializing in DXing NDBs (Longwave Beacons)
Phil, KO6BB,

YAESU: FTDX-101MP Xceiver, Dual SDR Receivers (~2020)
YAESU: FTDX-3000 Xceiver, DSP IF, 300Hz Roofing filter (~2019).
Uniden: SDS-200 Scanner, 25-1300MHz (2020)
Portable: Eton Elite 750 (2), AKA Grundig Satelite 750 (2020)
Sangean ATS-909X2 (2021), Tecsun PL-990 (2021)
HOMEBREW: 7 Tube+Rect 1v3 Regen RX for LF (built 2015)
SDRS: Perseus 10KHz-40MHz (2020)
Softrock Ensemble II LF Receiver (kit, 2017)
Softrock Ensemble II HF Receiver (Kit, 2019)
ACC: MFJ-993B Auto Antenna Matcher.
HOMEBREW LF-MF Pre-Amp, 8Hz Audio Filter.
HOMEBREW 4 Port Antenna Multicoupler, Feeds 4 RX's.

ANTENNAS: 88 foot Long Ladder-line fed dipole, ~35 feet AGL for MW/HF.
Top Loaded Tee (Dipole fed as single element) ~35 Feet AGL.
Comet CHA-250B HF Vertical at ~24 Feet AGL For HF.
Ratzlaff Active whip, 5 Foot Long, ~16 Feet AGL For LF/MW/HF.
Wellbrook ALA1530LN Loop For LF/MW/HF at ~17 Feet AGL
Diamond Discone ~35 feet AGL for Scanner.
Merced, Central California, 37, 18, 37N 120, 30, 6W CM97rh

On 7/30/2021 1:28 PM, Tim Germain wrote:
Thank you, Philip.

I was able to reconnect to OTRHub and Phils Place.  Do you know who I need to contact to join the DooDropInn and the Oldtymeradioman Hub?Tim

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