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No, actually the current version, as of 12 days ago according to their github page (version 3.0.3) is subject to telemetry.  3.0.2 is the last version that does not have telemetry installed.

Here is the post from the Audacity project stating which version would be the first one subject to this and here is the github page with releases showing what the actual version that they are on now.

It should be noted that Linux distros that are rolling release (Arch being the most well known, but Suse as well, even Debian has a rolling version) are not rolling the new versions of this program.  That should make it apparent just how bad they think of this situation.


Evan West

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On 2021-08-04 06:38 PM, Brian Kavanaugh via wrote:

Since this has been brought up a few times, here's one person's recommendations for alternatives. Some of them I had heard of, some I had not. Of note: the *current* version of Audacity is fine. But, if they don't reverse course, then the next version may not be.

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