Re: July-August Old Radio Times Now Available

Ryan Ellett

If anyone hasn't read the latest issue of the Old Radio Times, it has a pretty extensive background on The Man From Homicide written by Karl Schadow. He probably dug up about everything there is to know about this short-lived series.

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On Monday, September 20, 2021, 09:32:35 AM CDT, Jim Jones <otr@...> wrote:

Ryan You are correct that this was a limited summer time replacement series . It appears to have run from mid Jun through Sep 1951.
I did find a couple of interesting facts about the show.
It seems that Charles McGraw was intended to play the lead. But as we know, Dan Duryea eventually did.

Another interesting fact is that the show was written by Louis Vitties, who became a prolific writer of many well known Tv shows (


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