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Ryan Ellett

Here are the broadcast dates and titles of extant recordings per Karl Schadow from the scripts:
50-09-16 The Harold Winthrop Case
51-06-25 The Muriel Smith Case
51-07-09 The Donald Shellbarger Case
51-07-16 The Franklin Kelso Case
51-07-23 The Eddie Kent Case
51-08-06 The Drowned Girl Case
51-08-20 The Wee Willie Baines Case
51-08-27 The Steve Morton Case
51-09-17 The Lucille Forbes Case

It looks like you may have a duplicate of the Shellbarger Case episode. But you'd have to listen to be sure.

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My list is 

16/06/50 Winthrop Case
25/06/51 Muriel Smith Case
09/07/51 Drug Addict Killed
16/07/51 Old Man Kelso
23/07/51 Eddie Kent Case
06/08/51 Drowned Girl
20/08/51 Wee Willie Baines Case
20/08/51 Steve Morton Case
03/09/51 Donald Shalberger 
17/09/51 Lucille Forbes

Only just found them and have only heard 3 so far so no idea if there's a duplicate as yet. Regards, Leslie

On Thursday, 23 September 2021, 13:56:19 BST, Ryan Ellett via <oldradiotimes@...> wrote:

Please check to see if one is a duplicate or maybe an AFRS version of an episode. The community only knows of 9 extant shows so a true 10th would be quite a find!

The Old Time Radio Researchers
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Enumerate them.


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I;ve got ten episodes



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Ryan, I'm sure you'll get some takers on this, but if nobody else volunteers before this weekend you can send them to me.




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I'd like to get one more second-listener for this set. Mike Thomas did a listen through about a year and a half ago but since it's only nine episodes it'd be pretty easy for a second person to get through them.
Please let me know if interested,

Larry Maupin

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