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Ian Grieve

The Australian series is 52 x 30 minute episodes produced by ART.

"Based on the experience of the main character, the Medical Director of a large metropolitan hospital. Each self contained story tells of the day to day drama that takes place in the lives of patients, staff and others connected with the hospital"


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I have 3 plus one from Australia


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David Goldin lists 11 on his website. All are AFRS rebroadcasts.
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Hello all;

My wife and I have been listening to Peg Lynch's the couple next door for nine months now (beware some episodes at the OTRR site, they run way too fast - I've had to slow them down to proper pitch with Audacity). Anyway, they often advertise for CBS's other late bloomer, "City Hospital". I only have two episodes of this great show. Are any more out there?



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