Re: Audacity alternatives

Wild West Designs

I found another alternative to Audacity, but this one is quite a bit different.

It is called Bespoke.  It is talked about more for music (but most DAWs are), I have just started to mess around with it yesterday.  It is a different paradigm to Audacity (and the other more "mature" audio programs).  It is node based more then it is timeline based (that my be a deal breaker for some, I have gotten used to it, because Blender uses it lot like that as well, nodes for just about everything).

It is also openGL, meaning it uses an immediate mode gui versus the traditional retained mode.  While it will look the same on all platforms, it won't look native to any one of them.  While that doesn't bother me again (I actually use SDL and Raylib for my games and programs which makes use of openGL), it is something worth mentioning.

It does allow for VST plugins, I don't know if it's specific to any one platform or if it's for all.  For instance, with Ardour it appears to only able to host VST plugins on the Windows version.

While I do enjoy Ardour as an alternative to Audacity (Ardour is a fully featured DAW unlike Audacity), unfortunately, it uses the GTK toolkit (as does Mint and even Audacity as it uses wxWidgets, which is based off GTK) and apparently that project has gotten under fire lately (for those that use Linux, if you have heard of Solus, they are actually switching away from it to another toolkit for their flagship Budgie addition and deprecating their Gnome edition with the next release).  I have to wonder what is going to happen there.  Maybe nothing, but I am hedging my bets.

Anyway, I thought I would mention it as another potential tool to use.  It is very, very different.  Just keep that in mind if want to try it out.

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