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Scott, thank you for sharing your awesome site, and all this information. Best, Alan 

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Hello All,
My name is Scott and I've been collecting radio shows since the mid nineties back when I use to do stuff for YesterdayUSA. 
Here is my website  I'm not really doing anything special mostly I've just been migrating stuff from and other places I've collected shows from for over the past 25 years.
I've built my own archiving framework that lets me either self host or use remote content in case unsure about copyright. Lately I've modified that framework to let me have separate sections.
One of these is the Mystery Project that was produced by the CBC. Although this is not OTR they did make some really good crime dramas from the early 1990s to the early 2000s that y'all might like
I've listed some of them below with a short synopsis.

About The Mystery Project:
The Mystery Project was produced by CBC Radio (Canada). It aired every Saturday night on CBC Radio One (6:30 p.m. for most of Canada, 7:30 p.m. Maritimes, 8:00 p.m. Nfld.), and was repeated at 3:30 p.m. the following Mondays on The Roundup, also on Radio One.

They were produced in regional centres across the country and in the network studios in Toronto. Their mandate was to, hopefully "reflect the national fabric of Canada and beyond."The series ran from 1992 until 2002.

Each week, casual listeners got to puzzle through a fully dramatized radio-play with a resolved plot, while regular listeners had the added fun of following familiar characters' further adventures. The series was created by the Executive Producer, Bill Howell. Barry Morgan was the co-ordinating producer. With Host Bob Boving.


Bailey's Way
Written by Gordon Pengilly, Bailey's Way stars Esther Purves Smith as Tanis Bailey, a young rookie constable on the the Calgary Police Service determined to make’Detective’ just as soon as she can.

Becker House Detective

The hero of Becker: House Detective, another CBC radio series, Becker clues us in on his lot in life:

"The Queen of the Rockies. A Grand Hotel. About the last thing you'd expect to find in the Rockies in 1923, but then I may be the last thing you'd expect to find in a Grand Hotel. I'm the House Detective. Becker's the name. Just Becker."

So he's a 1920s house dick who, like the hotel, is a little out of place. It seems Becker has a few surprises in his past: a fancy pants eastern education (which, even then, must have gone over real well in Alberta), a stint as a mountain guide, of all things, and a tragedy that haunts him. and so he throws himself into his work, trying to protect the hotel and its guests from all sorts of trouble. And oh what guests! Film stars, American senators, European explorers, con men, flappers and maybe, just maybe, a gangster or two. Through it all, Becker tries to keep a cool head.

Clean Sweep
Meet Bonnie Marsden, a forty-five-year-old mother of four who hires herself out as a housekeeper when she loses her job as a loans officer in a small Nova Scotia town. But Bonnie ends up doing much more than housework as mystery, mayhem and murder abound in her home town of Membertou County.

Each week brings a startling new case that needs cleaning up: a child with Downs Syndrome is found frozen to death in the woods; Bonnie's son Robbie is accused of vandalism; and the local game warden is found dead in his own kitchen. So sit back, pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the best of radio drama with eerie disappearances, unusual deaths, gripping plots, spinetingling suspense, and, of course, the smart sleuthing of Bonnie Marsden.

The series stars Deborah Allen as Bonnie and a host of other characters, including Richard Donat as Bonnie's husband, Big Ben; Michael Pellerin as RCMP Cpl. Kowalchuk; and George Jordan as local radio announcer Bob Smiley.

Music for the series is composed by Scott Macmillan and Dave Maclsaac. Clean Sweep, a CBC audience favourite, is a full cast mystery series produced and directed in Halifax. It has been broadcast on CBC Radio One's "The Mystery Project," which features one of the most popular and enduring forms of radio, the half-hour detective mystery. It aired on Saturdays at 6:30 pm ET and on "Richardson's Roundup" on Fridays at 3:30 pm ET.

Fallaway Ridge
4 episodes

Episode 1 - After a riding accident kills rancher 'Red' Pederson, his wife Annie is haunted by doubts about the event. She finds herself forced into playing detective. And the deeper she delves, the more suspicions come floating to the surface. That's this Saturday evening on the Mystery Project at 6:30 (7:30 AT, 8:00 NT) on CBC Radio One. 2001/10/22

Episode 2 - Annie believes she has unearthed the plot that led to the death of her husband. Now the tough part is to get the suspects to reveal themselves. But she has help - from an old family friend and spectral conversations with her dead husband. That's this Saturday evening on the Mystery Project at 6:30 (7:30 AT, 8:00 NT) on CBC Radio One. 2001/10/29

Episode 3 - The highway death of a young artist shifts Annie's innate curiosity into overdrive. Annie and Robbie follow a twisted trail into human emotions and the politics of a First Nation council. That's this Saturday evening on the Mystery Project at 6:30 (7:30 AT, 8:00 NT) on CBC Radio One. (CONCLUDES NEXT SATURDAY) 2001/11/03

Episode 4 - The conclusion of Fallaway Ridge by Eve Crawford and Catherine Dunphy. This week, Daughters: Annie and Red's long-lost daughter Kristen shows up unexpectedly to reclaim the child she left with her parents. But why now? That's this Saturday evening on the Mystery Project at 6:30 (7:30 AT, 8:00 NT) on CBC Radio Eve Crawford and Catherine Dunphy

Michael Flynn
Flynn is a part-time private detective living on his boat in Vancouver. A middle-aged drop-out from UBC Law School, he now lives on the Blarney Boy, a weather-beaten sloop moored at the marina on Granville Island in the trendier-than-thou False Creek area, and works, when he feels like it, for his ex-boss lawyer Sam Greene, an eccentric old coot. All in all, though, he'd rather be sailing. It's a simple life, and Flynn's more than happy with things just the way they are. And then Sam's niece, W.P. (Willie) Greene, arrives from Toronto to complicate life for everyone.

Midnight Cab
The show starred David Ferry as WALKER DEVEREAUX, a young man, rather gullible and naive, from Bear River (north of Lake Superior) who comes to Toronto in order to become an author and winds up driving a cab on the midnight shift.

From the start, he keeps running into problems (such as that body that someone left in the trunk of his cab), and he solves the mysteries with the help of his girlfriend, wheelchair-bound Krista Papadopoulos (who dispatches cabs), Alfonso Piatelli (his boss), and Metro Police Inspector Wilfred Kiss (a friendly homicide cop).

Each episode is fairly self-contained, but the series builds on its past episodes as well, so we see Walker’s developing relationship with Krista, his coming to terms with the big city, etc.

The Old Guy
Charlie McMann is a retired Toronto Police detective who lives with an ancient cat. Charlie's a polite, awkward widower who runs a clock repair shop. A leftover from"Toronto-the-Good", he almost seems content to become a museum of himself. When he's called back to handle "delicate, unsolved" cases, Charlie discovers he's now living in one of the great multicultural cities of the world.Everything's changed since his day, and these days nobody even bothers to guess how open he is. Maybe that's what makes him such an effective policeman

Robert Haley is Charlie McMann
Ryan Rogerson is Malcolm
Karen Glave is Jolene=
WIlliam Colgate is Kirk McPhee
Hosted by Bob Boving
Producer:Bill Howell
Music Composed by Milan Kymlick

Peggy Delaney
A hard-drinking, hard-writing forty-ish Toronto newspaper columnist who can more than hold her own with any of the guys in the newsroom.

Pocket City Blues
Horton Spring is a 45 year old freelance writer and amateur detective who struggles to make ends meet in Victoria, British Columbia.

Horton Spring - Michael Hogan
Jennifer (ex-wife) - Susan HoganNelson (son) - Chris Lovick

The Investigations of  Quentin Nickles
It's 1895, and Nickles is a new employee of the Ontario Constabulary, after a stint with Scotland Yard.

Recipe for Murder
Eight mystery stories a co-production of CBC Radio and ZBS. The stories are rather congenial, like an Agatha Christie BBC mystery, a lot of fascinating and slightly eccentric characters, wonderful dialogue, an occasional body, with a gentle humor throughout.

The hero, Jean-Claude, is a young sous-chef living in Montréal. In the first episode, A Sweet Death, the police arrest his close friend, Georges-Luc (who is from Haiti), charging him with murder. Jean-Claude proceeds to investigate on his own. A sweet death indeed, for this episode deals with the making of chocolates, all sorts, and the descriptions are heavenly.

Each story deals with a different type of food. The writer, Don Druick, is a gourmet cook from Montréal; his descriptions of various dishes and their preparation are so vivid, so enticing, there are times it’s almost painful to listen without wanting to run out and stuff yourself.

Each story focuses on a different type of cuisine. A Sweet Death deals with not only chocolates, but all sorts of sweets (and some of those sweeties are deadly). The second story, Buzz Buzz, centers around various delectable insects (and the nasty competition between two teachers at a cooking school). In Fugu, there’s Japanese cuisine; in The Ghost of Miz B, it’s Jewish cooking. And there’s also a murder to solve in every story.

Since our own writer, M. Fulton, once worked at a radio station in Montréal, and has a fondness for that city and it’s night life, he suggested we record on location; in the sidewalk cafés, restaurants, the Métro, the cobbled streets of Vieux Montréal, wherever the scenes actually take place. The sound is wonderfully rich, especially hearing Montréal in the summer ... it’s visually stimulating, the descriptions are enticing, and the smells are exquisite.

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