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Ian Grieve

Chris, The guy who is doing it is very sensitive on the subject because he feels put out by all the requests he gets for mp3 copies and all the wrong information put out by U.S. researchers.  He is very very sensitive on the subject ever since Pumamouse was raiding his recordings 20 years ago and sharing the mp3s to everyone.

I have tried to get him to join this group several times over the years, but he simply doesn't want to because he has had too many negative experiences.

He only trusts a handfull of people at this stage.  He trusts me because we have traded information regarding the Australian shows broadcast in South Africa and because of the Australian broadcasters that worked there.  I suppose I have never asked for a S.A. show either in the 20+ years we have been conversing and that helps.

It is not to say that YOU personally want to dominate his culture, just that the hundreds before you have tried.

I know how much I hate it when someone from another country tries to document Australian OTR and gets it all ballsed up (technical term).  I have spent years trying to undo incorrect information and have learnt that once it is out there, it is a waste of time trying to correct it.  I logged a couple of U.S. series early in my hobby and then backed away, because the culture isn't mine and I had no right.

Instead I learnt who to pass the recordings or information to, in order to assist them in that work.  I have in fact passed the S.A. researcher details to a member here that I trust and discussed the issue with both parties, so the information isn't lost with me.

So it isn't really a simply question, nor is it a simple answer.  Too much history.  One day if people leave him alone, he may join the group, but not while the group is collecting S.A. shows and making up S.A. logs when there is so much U.S material yet to be logged and documented etc.


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What an odd response. Curiosity about another’s culture does not imply a desire to dominate it. I was just saying that I enjoyed what I’ve heard and was interested in finding out more. In the same way that I’m interested in broadcasting from Great Britain, Australia, Canada, or for that matter, the US, which is not my home country.

If I’ve stepped on some sort of cultural minefield (surprisingly easy to do in today’s hypersensitive age) then it was done accidentally.

This is a reminder to me as to why I try never to participate in any online forums. You ask a simple question… 

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