Re: Springbok Radio

Scott Galley

This will be the last I will say on this subject. If we look at my initial post, all I was doing (which I regret now, and find a trifle embarrassing) was to showcase my enthusiasm to this group and to say that I enjoyed what little I've heard of South African radio, and was wondering if there was a book on the subject. That was all. I wasn't trying to steal someone's research, incorrectly date files, or post stuff to some sort of online site. Or charge money for anything. Quite the contrary. I was willing to spend money if there was a good book on the subject, just as I've done on dozens of other books on the subject of golden age radio broadcasters from all over the world. Seems pretty harmless to me to just simply ask if there's a book out there somewhere.

Further to that, I've enjoyed your site Ian, and have posted a couple of comments there over the years thanking you for expanding my knowledge of Australian radio. I don't understand the difference. Is South Africa's radio heritage the domain of a few? I seriously doubt that the people involved in the creation of that content up until 1985 would like to know that someone thinks that the shows are their private pleasure garden. But maybe I'm wrong.

Regardless, I did not intend to start a flame war of any sort. My initial post was just an innocent burst of enthusiasm. I will not make that mistake again, and will go back to just being a reader of posts. Fewer headaches.

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