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Ian Grieve

Thank you Ryan.  I have no idea what the copyright situation in S.A. is apart from the Australian Series they broadcast, I just know the reasons why there isn't greater cooperation.  It doesn't effect me, I have access anyway.

It was nothing against Chris, I just know that 1,000 people might read, think it is a great idea and a fair percentage then act like locusts.

I have been abused for not making Australian shows more accessible on my site and not opening my collection more.  You just get sick of explaining the situation over and over again.  Defending a copyright law I don't believe in but can't pretend doesn't exist.  I understand the attitude of the S.A. contact, but it doesn't mean I agree.  The fact that I am here and I document and have a website, should show that I don't.  I try to cooperate wherever possible.


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I think it's important to remind everyone that Ian was not stating his opinion of the matter, but relating his knowledge of and experience with the lead South African Springbok researchers. I want to make sure it doesn't get lost in all the responses that Ian's point (as I read it) was to let everyone know why there is not a published work on South African radio at this point, which was the question that started this thread if I recall. Let's not argue with Ian about someone else's beliefs and opinions.

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